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Poetry Slam impact on Students

Students always LOVE being involved in the poetry slams with Spoz. It can support their progress in so many ways and is engaging and fun at the same time. Students who lack confidence in performing or public speaking are able to develop strategies which help them overcome these obstacles through writing and performing their own work, as well as listening to their peers. The supportive and positive atmosphere, with each of them supporting one another, means that they try new things and are able to move out of their comfort zones. Poetry Slam comps have also helped prepare our students for the academic rigor of their exams as they have had to really think carefully about how they construct their work, not only because it will be performed, but also because they are writing about issues that are relevant to them. Would thoroughly recommend all schools to get involved!

Mrs Laura Sewell, Head of English, The Cotswold School.

Spoz was fabulous! He was really easy to deal with and was completely unflappable which made my job so much easier. The sessions were engaging, hilarious and really inspiring and he adapted them for the younger age group perfectly on the Friday. The Friday was really quite something as all of the kids were dressed up for the end of Book Week so were super hyped up but he took it in his stride, even taking time to be a judge in our costume competition.
I will definitely be booking him again in the future, he brought a real buzz to the school and changed the way that a lot of them see poetry.

Mrs Jenny Jones, Clifton College, Bristol

Woodfield Academy

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